About Movement Potential

“To be serious about awakening means an individual has come to that point in their evolution when they are finally, once and for all willing, ready, and profoundly interested in taking full responsibility for what it means to be a fully human being.” ~Andrew Cohen, spiritual teacher and author

Movement Potential believes that everyone has the potential and ability to take control of their health. Although massage therapy can decrease anxiety, depression, and other forms of stress, what can you do for self-care to maintain the effects of the massage session?

By combining movement and meditation with your massage session that you can do in your own time, you learn to better manage stress and lead a more pain-free lifestyle.

Nick Ng is a semi-retired personal trainer and is a published writer and journalist who still keeps the door partially open to the fitness profession. He received his massage training and education from IPSB College in San Diego, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communications from San Diego State University in 2001. When he is not keeping in touch (pun intended) with his clients or writing, Nick enjoys salsa dancing, parkour, wing chun kung fu, and learning a new language.

~Nick Ng, BA, CPT, CMT
CAMTC #51680

Founder of Movement Potential


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